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When and when not to use Redux LogRocket Blog

This way, instead of writing the raw strings in multiple places, you just import the string from the declared constant. In most Redux applications, they will show up in two places. Also, the action payload will be the user_id of the user to be set as active. The type or name of the action will be called SET_ACTION_ID. The type field is compulsory, while you can call payload anything you like. The end goal is to show an empty screen, but show user messages when a contact is clicked on.

You can use Redux together with React, or with any other view library. It is tiny (2kB, including dependencies), but has a large ecosystem of addons available. Component A sends its state changes to the store, if Component B and C need this state change, they can get it from the store.

Updating the app

Looking at the current state object and the needs of our application, we can pick out the “front runners” together. And here’s the result of all the code we’ve written up until this point. If you’re a more experienced Engineer, be sure to use whatever CSS in JavaScript solution https://deveducation.com/ works for you. For simplicity, I’ll style the Skypey app with good ‘ol CSS — nothing more. For a more complex project, perhaps, a bottom-top approach would suit that. (ii) Handle the increase and decrease actions to actually affect the displayed time on the counter.

In this scenario, the user is performing certain actions that influence the state of the application. In the former example, all we did was display the initial state of the app with no user actions taken into consideration. Thinking is redux necessary in code, initialState is the second argument passed into the createStore function call. In the same way, when you create a redux STORE (our own money keeping Vault), there’s the option of doing so with an initial deposit.


While not a fully-fledged out solution like Redux, it can be beneficial for smaller applications where passing around state is a hassle, but there isn’t much to pass around. As your project grows in size, you may notice that passing around state and props in your React app is getting confusing and or tedious. This is usually a good time to think about refactoring. So, you’re wondering if redux is necessary for React? Well, that’s actually a good question to be asking.

When should you use Redux

When you go to the bank to make a withdrawal, you meet with the Cashier. After you make your WITHDRAW_MONEY intent/action known to the Cashier, they do not just hand you the requested money. Now, the createStore function takes in a few arguments.

It helps to narrow the range of options by learning one thing at a time and focusing on problems you find in your work. Redux is a pattern for managing application state. If you do not have problems with state management, you might find the benefits of Redux harder to understand. Some UI libraries (like React) have their own state management system. If you are using one of these libraries, especially if you are just learning to use them, we encourage you to learn the capabilities of that built-in system first. It might be all you need to build your application.

  • So, yes, you can use both of them to pass data down, but they’re not the same thing.
  • Because on the server side, we don’t need persistence.
  • The React Redux connect() API is used for creating container elements that are connected to the Redux store.
  • In this post, I’m going to discuss Redux, how it’s deeply rooted in the concepts of functional programming, and how to decide if you need it in your application.
  • Once the installation is done, create a new folder called store and in the directory, create a new index.js file.

React-Redux is the official Redux UI binding library for React applications, and it’s maintained by the Redux team. As stated earlier, the mapStateToProps and mapDispatchToProps functions passed to connect() can be declared with the ownProps of the component as the second parameter. Since state is a very powerful mechanism for building dynamic React apps, proper state management is paramount. Several libraries already exist that provide a well-structured architecture for managing application state, like Flux, Redux, and MobX to name a few.

When should you use Redux

These things will likely sound fancy until you use them and see for yourself. For example, in larger apps with a lot of moving pieces, state management becomes a huge concern. Redux ticks that off quite well without performance concerns or trading off testability. Redux’s author, Dan Abamov, also warns about the danger of introducing Redux too early into your application. Redux takes away some of the hassles faced with state management in large applications.

Now, as we click and update the state of the app, note the green flashes that appear on the screen. The green flashes represent parts of the app being re-painted or re-rendered by the Browser engine. Redux, please, re-render the app with the new state values.



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