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Sober living

Substance Abuse Treatment Group Activities & Games, Excercises

All group therapy programs have to be aware of the ethical considerations as well as the special challenges that their groups will face, recovery groups are no different in this regard. Before your group, type up about 50 or more positive traits and affirmations, and be sure to double-space. Print out the sheet and cut out the positive sayings and affirmations into strips or for larger groups, print out three or more copies of the affirmations. Each group member will need at least twelve strips of paper to apply to posters.

what are some ideas for substance abuse group activities

These questions should be fun and interesting questions that will help the members get more comfortable talking about themselves. Your participants will now have a completed gratitude map that can be hung anywhere they choose. Read substance abuse group activities more about this Silent Gratitude Mapping activity in the Positive Psychology Toolkit©. Trust-building activities are also great ways to get group members comfortable with one another and encourage a safe and secure place to share.

Individual sessions can provide truly individualized care

Next, invite the participants to check out what other participants have written. If there is an odd number of members, the therapist can pair with a member to make it even. Instruct each pair to blindfold one member and tell the other member to guide them around the room in search of a particular object or objects. If there is enough time, the partners can switch when the object(s) has been found.

  • Clients weigh in on the issues of others in order to offer suggestions or provide outside perspectives, broadening the individual’s understanding of the conflict.
  • On the left side of the worksheet is a box labeled “Event.” The clients should think hard about when they first developed a particular schema and trace it back to the event that created it.
  • Group activities create a safe space for individuals to explore their current needs and goals alongside others who have had similar past experiences.
  • Even though addiction is a disease, some people might make you think it’s your fault.
  • Group therapy offers addicted individuals real-time feedback from other people in the same situation.
  • Read more about this Silent Gratitude Mapping activity in the Positive Psychology Toolkit©.

EMDR therapy for depression can help patients find relief from other types of depression as well as situational depression. Although it is the popular name for that type of depression it is more formally called Stress Response Syndrome (SRS). Suffering from an addiction disorder https://ecosoberhouse.com/ might influence someone to develop situational depression. Luckily situational depression distress can ease once the person is out of the stressful situation. Combining individual therapy and group therapy in treatment gives people in recovery a stronger chance to heal.

Substance Abuse Group Therapy Topics & Themes:

Further, therapists should review these in person with group members during their screening, orientation, or first session. When you live with addiction, it’s difficult to focus on anything besides drugs. That’s why many people with the disease stop taking care of themselves and develop bad habits like eating poorly and not getting enough sleep. If you are working with members that don’t jump at the chance to speak in front of the group, having a specific set of questions to guide the check-in process can be helpful.

  • This Inside and Outside Worksheet can be a great tool for families with young children in therapy.
  • No matter where you live, there are places in nature to take your clients as one of your substance abuse group activities.
  • I hope you have found this article as informative and useful as I found researching it.
  • Here are 10 of the most commonly used ICD-10 Codes for Speech Therapy, so you can ensure your practice maintains its compliance and delivers accurate care services to patients in need.
  • For participants, there are many reasons why group therapy is a treatment worth considering.



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